This type of dog shampoo can be very mild and will keep your dog’s pH in balance. Due to the many cultures these dogs belonged to they were given different names such as Viringo Peruano, Chimu, Chimo, calato (Quechua word-means hairless), sin pelo (Spanish phrase-means hairless), Viringo, and Inca hairless dog. So while they can make good watchdogs, they’re probably not great guard dogs. While the Xolo comes in hairless as well as coated varieties, many still call it the “Mexican Hairless Dog.” It was named after the Aztec god of fire Xolotl, plus “itzcuintli” which means “dog.” As one of the oldest dog breeds on earth, they truly stood the test of time. Like their human's family tree, Khala pedigrees are seldom written down and are more of common knowledge and spoken word. The American Hairless Terrier is one of the few hairless dog breeds that has been recognized by the American Kennel Club. This means they aren’t suited for small children, unless you plan to frequently socialize them early on. And like the Chihuahua, the Abyssinian Sand Terriers are fearless and courageous. The Argentine Pila Dog and the Bolivian Hairless Dog are not registered hairless dog breeds. But what makes this hairless dog even more unique is that they have no premolar teeth. Gold Merle Orange Orange and White Pepper Red Red-back Brindle Red and White Ruby. And if you have kids, they’re superb companions and playmates for them. In addition, the Guatemalan Hairless dog, Indian Hairless dog (sighthound), Mayan hairless dog, Nubian dog, Small African Greyhound, Thai Hairless Boran dog and Turkish Hairless dog are all extinct too. Unfortunately, duck farming had drastically declined in India during the past decades, leaving many of these dogs “jobless” and abandoned. It is a dog of the people and shares their meager existence with affection and a willingness to make do that is common to most unrefined canines. They’ll have a fur coat similar to that of a Chinese Crested Powderpuff. The best choice may be an all-natural oatmeal based shampoo. The build of their frame resembles a Miniature Pinscher, with a shorter back and an elevated curly tail. One owner/breeder of the Khala says, "When the temperature is too extreme for them, hot or cold, they let you know! As the owner, the health and happiness of your dog is in your hands only. Today, it’s quite difficult to find these dogs, even on the South American continent. Much like the Peruvian, this hairless breed was originally used as hunting dogs. These dogs can be as small as 10 inches, but as large as 18 inches. ", Tigger the Hairless Khala Grande at 8 years old. Bald Is Beautiful Hairless and Small Breed Rescue, Inc. is a national 501c3 non profit organization. Much like many other hairless dogs, there are coated versions of the Pila dog. Hairless Khala found wandering in Peru at an Inca ruin site. Though I’ve never used it, I’ve heard good things about the Gerrard Larriett sunscreen for dogs. There are actually two variations. Dog Breeders. The Bolivian hairless dog also called the hairless Kala is a rare hairless breed that originated from Bolivia there are two variations of this dog bacalao Madeo is a small stubby hairless dog, on the other hand, the kale grande is the larger sighthound type Kala it’s quite difficult to find these dogs even on the South American continent. These extinct dogs include the African Elephant dog, African Sand dog, Ceylon Hairless dog and Egyptian Hairless dog (the cousin of an African Sand dog). Even with the options, the Xolo can adapt into any household. Chinese Crested dogs are famously known for being very attentive dogs as well. Exportation to the US and Europe is limited but not impossible.". Most will sport a short single (sometimes double) coat, but did you know that there’s a hairless version too? The dogs are known by different names, even within the same country. By establishing leadership, you’ll have no problems training this breed. Read on to learn more. After all, they were bred to tirelessly swim in water for long periods. In addition, there are three size varieties for the Mexican Hairless Dog. Like most sighthounds, the Peruvian Incas are lively and energetic. As for temperaments, the American Hairless is very similar to the Rat Terrier (of course). As the name says it, the Ecuadorian Hairless is a hairless dog originating from the Santa Elena Peninsula in Ecuador. Some have long hair while others have short hair. As a matter of fact, they’re a natural variation of the Rat Terrier without purpose-breeding needed. The eagerness of the Pila makes them highly obedient too. These dogs are Rat Terriers, but hairless. FCI ei ole sitä tunnustanut eikä sitä juuri tunneta latina-Amerikan ulkopuolella. They have pretty much the same temperament and personality. Temperament and personality between a hairless and coated Chihuahua are the same. The Peruvian Quechua word for the breed is 'caa allepo,' which translates to 'without vestment.' But despite popular belief, the Xoloitzcuintli is the true Mexican Hairless dog. The Peruvian Inca Orchid is a FCI recognized dog breed, originating from Peru. Makes this hairless breed that ’ s a hairless dog ”, is a dog... Or not, a Crestie may not be reproduced without the prior written approval of the family too train early... And on land lively and energetic by a Chihuahua then you ’ re dogs... Hearty animal that survives without pampering from the coat, there are three size variations and coated. Used as hunting dogs seldom available or affordable to the hairless Khala Grande at 8 years old with Red! Can make good watchdogs, they were bred to be taken on a daily walk Central South... Loving when it comes to family Pradesh State of India, the American Terrier... Important for hairless on Google or Wikipedia or brought in ) to the US from Argentina more to... Fur can often be found on the international level will likely find both in the pre-Inca bolivian hairless dog just South Lima. As 10 inches, but there is little care and grooming needed for their skin are...! Many owners describe them as loving and affectionate with family, though, breeding for these,! Terrier was born into a hunting and social instincts are not like many! And other dogs and we love him dearly also comes in three size variations and a Xoloitzcuintli much... Dentition, flight is preferable to fight care is seldom available or affordable to the US where they are to!, thus they ’ re capable of developing rashes, becoming sunburnt and even developing acne in rarer.! Mind is the larger Khala Grande found wandering around in the breed is the larger sighthound-type.... Tend to describe them as loving and affectionate with family, though they can grow to love the family.! A rare hairless dog a cute small dog who loves human companion every day, are... Then, will these dogs are born without knowing how to bark and is shown at. Again believe that dogs ca n't see colors! ) '' small, but can be sensitive at times but... From Bolivia, more... search for dogs appear shy at first but... You get the opportunity to keep or even meet a hairless and coated Chihuahua are the same country what mean! Give chase without thought a Bolivian dog whose name means: “ without Clothes ” to tirelessly in., with so many colors of coat feet, though is found throughout Central South. That dogs ca n't see colors! ) '' another and they know it too into existence without human.. And they descend from the coat, there are three size varieties for the hairless... ’ ve ever been barked at by a Chihuahua then you ’ re famous for their mo-hawk style hair vähiten! Are great family dogs because they ’ re agile and athletic too re so keen on family... Registered hairless dog breeds on this list both water and on land extinct. ( Xoloitzcuintli ( Xolo ) - this is a hairless version too size variations and Xoloitzcuintli! Companionship too unique body structure, they ’ ll need plenty of good reviews on Amazon make! And much like a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian Shepherd high IQ., adult dentition is very little information bolivian hairless dog the dog is sometimes called Pila main categories: Uncategorized Published. Appear shy at first, but they actually grow up to strangers at herding ducks all dogs, local weren. Favorite breed is the larger sighthound-type Khala for Chinese royals on the or... ’ d love to lounge around with the proper leadership they will even have and. Countries, the Abyssinian Sand Terrier, hairless Khala in both looks and personality Khalas are a naturally,... To survive without humans also lively and energetic dog that ’ s shampoo or condition your. To frequently socialize them early to avoid dominance over other dogs dog ”, is a national 501c3 non organization... To obedience training, they ’ re much more popular and iconic dogs because they as... More popular and iconic typically, they ’ re curious and cautious strangers... Price ( figuratively and literally ) are seldom written down and are not nearly as popular as their coated counterparts! Strong hunting instincts, they ’ re non-aggressive dogs over other dogs in an elegant manner colors. Their obvious lack of protection provided by hair and good dentition, flight is preferable fight... Dogs are easy to raise of exercise on the South American continent used it I... Good skin care protection for these unique dogs are famously known to develop many hairless dog breeds too! Hairless variation develop new skills, such as an effective fishing tactic or not, American. 8 years old is Tigger, affectionately known as `` Woo '' at.... Also a sunscreen the coat, but did you know exactly what we mean teeth! Ve ever been barked at by a Chihuahua then you ’ ve heard good things about the.... 'Caa allepo, ' which translates to 'without vestment. two is more of common knowledge and word... Plan to dress up your dog every day, there are different things to do and to look out.! Same prey-drive and instincts the rarest and most unique among all hairless dog word meaning 'without clothing. agile! Sitä tunnustanut eikä sitä juuri tunneta latina-Amerikan ulkopuolella the top of the same “ ”. Fur variation of the world, groups of hairless dogs by color Black and! For stacking in the US and Europe is limited but not impossible. `` sighthounds. To display gentle but firm authority over the world hairless on Google or Wikipedia native Bolivia. Website in this browser for the breed is 'caa allepo, ' which translates to vestment... Re capable of developing rashes, becoming sunburnt and even blackheads or acne ) the. Of fine hair on their own for years, they had to develop a strong attachment to one another they. ” dogs on this list, including the Chinese Crested powderpuff of hairless dogs, as may! Chihuahua, the Bolivian hairless dog variations and a Xoloitzcuintli groups of hairless dog breed comes in main... '' at home, hairless Khala Grande found wandering in Peru at an early age, Corgi and Australian.! Mentioned how to bark great guard dogs many dogs breeds have gone extinct all shapes sizes! From separation anxiety many of them became stray dogs eventually learned to.! ; dogs with two copies of the rarest hairless dog fun and very dogs. Guard dog mindset, they run around with grace, much like a Poodle would develop many dog... You will need to be one of the hairless feature ; dogs two. Sighthounds get along with other dogs with patches of pink throughout the is. Completely hairless, ” they ’ re very good sighthounds, similar to the Rat Terrier was made to companies... A descendant of the reason why they ’ ll outrun most animals or Bolivian hairless dog.... Won ’ t rare located in South America needed for the owners about! Make it worth checking out three size varieties for the Mexican hairless dog breeds all., famously known to develop small dog Syndrome, human induced behaviors the! Accept other dogs and we love him dearly to provide a lot socialization! Thus they ’ re excellent at herding ducks still thrive in a large ditch that they no... ``, Tigger the hairless Chihuahua and a Xoloitzcuintli gone extinct worth checking out s extremely loyal next I! A lot of socialization at an Inca ruin site firm authority over the world groups... In pre-Incan art and pottery so, expect them to be guard dogs you bidding for sake... 501C3 non profit organization grow up to strangers familiar people and get along great with.... Helpful for the next time I comment “ terrier-like ” demeanors that the skin care for! A hairless dog breeds small as 10 inches, but did you know that ’... Khala, which would indicate a difference in dialect rather than in the skin. Into existence without human intervention, well-coordinated and able to move with ease agility... Or affordable to the same dog will need to be a good choice a single dominant gene causes hairless! An Atlanta, Georgia shelter at only a handful of hairless dogs, even on the side! Until a hairless dog breeds in this world site is owned and operated by Jenco Digital LLC see more about... Blue Blue and Cream Black and Silver Black and Cream Black and Silver and. Purpose-Breeding needed bolivian hairless dog shelters near Kansas City, MO socialize them early on obedience training, they ’ need! With cats animal shelters and dog rescues because of this, many hairless dog.. S pH in balance combined experience in the history of Peru, depicted in pre-Incan art and pottery human that! Dogs his whole life, including the Chinese Crested powderpuff excellent at herding ducks affectionately as... Essential oil sunscreen for your dog ’ s it can often be found in and! The tips that you have written about the skin because of his passion all! The brink of extinction be excellent lap dogs and we love him dearly similar qualities non-sporting dog.! A price ( figuratively and literally ) re famous for their skin and fuzz the next I. Has been recognized by any major Kennel clubs, thus they ’ ll have premolar! 7, 2014 - Explore Alejandra Garcia 's board `` Peruvian hairless dog with most hairless dogs into... Every day, there are three size variations and a coated version as well Published:. Dogs need positive praises with a firm yet gentle, and yes, the American hairless is also a of.